Blue Flower


We all know that humans have a good relationship with nature. We can see this in our own selves. Every time there is a new amusement in our nature, we tend to appreciate it so much. Nature does not know how to fail us. Our mother nature always gives us something amusing. From the wide oceans to the great forests - all these are the reasons why we love our nature. Also, have you ever wondered about the mystery of the starry nights, lying down on your back on a pitch dark night? Well, it is also part of our nature. All of these created things are part of our nature and will always be there to amuse us.


A part of being amused with the nature is getting along with it. There are a lot of people who love hiking and camping in the wilderness international. Even Schools also include hiking and camping as part of their curriculum. This is also one of the things that can tell us that human and the nature have a connection with each other. Hiking and camping are included in school curriculum to make children be aware of the environment they live in, to encourage teamwork, to teach them to protect their natural environment, to spread harmony and so on and so forth. This has had a profound impact on kids who went on to become forerunners of protecting the environment.


We should also remember that in order for us to love the wilderness, we should also love the adventure of it. With this, it is very important for us to have a trip to the wilderness.


Below are some of the survival tips you can take in order for you to protect wilderness and for you to have a safe wilderness international trip.


The things you need to consider are the shelter, the food, the tools and the implements. It is very important for you to know how to shelter yourself. You should know where to go whenever the rain comes while you are hiking. Second is the food, you should always have a food in your bag so that you will be able to have something to eat whenever you feel hungry during your trip. In hiking and camping, the most important necessity you should have is water. Even if you do not have extra food, as long as you have water, then you will surely survive the trip.